About Matt Charles Public Relations: Practitioner & Professor

245544-52You spend your precious time and resources refining your product or service to make it the best it can be for your stakeholders. Why not invest in strategic counsel to communicate their value or to navigate a crisis that could jeopardize their existence? My edge is personally knowing members of the media and consciously connecting them with clients to advance clients’ needs.

Matt Charles Public Relations is a boutique consultancy with values rooted in relationships and customer service. My focus is on you, the client. The advice I provide goes beyond how do you simply deal with the inquiry from a reporter or engage with the community through grassroots advocacy. Sure, that’s a part of the equation, but it is more how you position yourself in a larger framework of advancing your hard-earned reputation.

The first thing I ask of clients is that we have candid and honest conversations. Just as much as you need to know how I can help you achieve your public relations goals, I need to know your strengths and weaknesses, why your work drives you and where you want to be in the future. It is through this open channel of communication that I can hone your organization’s message to targeted audiences and garner free media attention and better advance your reputation.

Free, or earned, media holds more gravitas than paid media, such as ads. When your customers see a major newspaper or television station reporting on your organization in a positive manner, they think first that your agency is credible and doing something the right way. Why else would a major media outlet make room in their paper or news segment to include you? This free and positive media attention serves as a tool to attract customers to you — whether you are a nonprofit or advocacy organization, local or state government, or business.

Years of on-the-ground work and case study teaching at top-tier graduate schools has helped me understand what it takes to generate positive media attention, improve community relationships, maintain a solid reputation for your organization and help you navigate crises with an objective perspective.

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